Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year, New Hobby


My name is CPM.

And I am new to this web log bidniss.

Except for the time I was totally melodramatic and had a myspace blog.
Oh, to be young. 

Any which way, here I am.

I feel like this might be a healthy habit, documenting daily conundrums and triumphs, highlighting the wonderful people and places surrounding me, asking questions, voicing opinions, and of course using as many emotional icons as possible.
: p

 I'll probably look back at old entries like this one someday and cringe. Ah, well.

Today I...
slept in
enjoyed breakfast made by Mckenzie (thanks, girl!)
practiced for the dance-a-thon (thanks, Coca)
worked in the yard
went to Home Depot (free smells)
cooked red beans (takes many hours)
laid in the grass
ate a frozen yogurt swirl cone
planted 36 tomato seeds
saw friends. pretty friends.
came to coffee house
burned my hand on hot drink 
started blog 

tomorrow i have the day off

MLK Jr Day! Whoop!

In all seriousness, he has been one of my heros ever since I was a tiny tot. Or at least ever since I knew who the hay diddle diddle he was. What a man what a man what a man what a mighty fine man.