Sunday, October 10, 2010


They say that siblings' voices naturally harmonize more pleasantly with each other than voices unrelated. Several examples support this theory:

I want YOU back, Jackson 5

C'mon, get happy!

so cute

so hilarious

so .... questionable?

That was just a warm-up for the following news...

There is a new sibling band on the block, and their name is First Aid Kit, and they are the cutest and most delightful thing to come from that country since they gave us fish ! 

Thank you, Sweden, for keeping it neutral, and producing magical things. And thank you First Aid Kit, for covering a song by one of my favorite bands. And thank you, awesome roommate for telling me about them. And thank you, Austin, for having an incredible music festival that brings people here so we can enjoy life a bit more. And thank you, reader, for being here. 

(This post is dedicated to my darling sister, with whom I can not harmonize)

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