Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Real

Austin, Texas

Land that I love.

Three years ago in May I was planning my rapid escape from College Station. 
"Hey, I should move to Austin, why not?," thought I.

Good decision. By God's grace.

This city and I, we've seen some things. It has taught me a lot. Holy cow, a guy just walked by with a cat on his shoulder. You see, this stuff happens all the time here. Keep Austin so weird. Please. Forever. 

I never thought I would be here more than one year. I planned on this being a transition, a phase, a stepping stone. And really, it is. Really, everything is. But this stone is much bigger than I imagined. And I couldn't be more grateful for that.

I have spent a good deal of time exploring. Losing myself, finding myself. There have been dark days of doubt and wonderful days of reliance. 
There is community here. Diverse, challenging, encouraging, and genuine. 
There are hipsters.
There are cats.

There are a lot of blogs.
I even have one now.

I've had it for a while. The space, at least. But, inspired from the amazing web logs my friends are kind and creative enough to keep up with, I began to contemplate picking mine back up. 

I don't think I am fascinating enough to warrant daily accounts of my life (but I will quickly say other people most definitely are). But! But, but but. What I do find fascinating is people. The way humanity ebbs and flows leaves me in wonderment. I suppose living in such a diverse city gives one a lot to look at and think about. 

I see the rich and famous. I see the homeless. I see the young acting old and the old acting young. I see selfishness and pretentious behavior. I see humility and generosity. I see giving and taking (kinda like when Seth and McKenzie babygirl gave me a bike, but then scavengers stole it). I see the religious and the apathetic. I see a lot of these things in myself too.  I see hope. Always.

All this nonsense to say, my blog has a goal. I want to acknowledge some of the good that goes on amidst all the wackiness. So many people are fighting for justice and peace. I want to know more about that. So, friends, I am going to do my best to research and broadcast a piece of this. We will see how this goes, what it looks like, who digs it, etc. 

Cheers. I'll end this with some of my favorite, if simple, lyrics from the Youngbloods:

Love is but the song we sing, 
And fear's the way we die 
You can make the mountains ring 
Or make the angels cry 
Know the dove is on the wing 
And you need not know why 
C'mon people now, 
Smile on your brother 
Ev'rybody get together 
Try and love one another right now 
Some will come and some will go 
We shall surely pass 
When the one that left us here 
Returns for us at last 
We are but a moments sunlight 
Fading in the grass 
C'mon people now, 
Smile on your brother 
Ev'rybody get together 
Try and love one another right now 
If you hear the song I sing, 
You must understand 
You hold the key to love and fear 
All in your trembling hand 
Just one key unlocks them both 
It's there at your command 
C'mon people now, 
Smile on your brother 
Ev'rybody get together 
Try and love one another right now 
Right now 
Right now!

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