Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got a Moment?

Father Time. Unlike the rest of us, he gets faster with age.
He pays no mind to the moments we wish would linger.
He doesn't care if we aren't quite ready to pay that bill.
He tirelessly rushes on, leaving his mark on our faces and in our perspectives.

Yet, are we truly the victims in this relationship ("oh, where does the time go?")?
Or do we have a vital part in the high-speed dance?
After all, we are always thinking about the future. We watch the hands on the wall, wishing it were time to clock out. As soon as we reach a goal, receive a gift, or pass a milestone we barely blink before we are planning our next move, craving a newer version of the unwrapped present in our hand, or counting down until the next momentous occasion.

"Humans are amphibians- half spirit and half animal. As spirits, they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time." C.S. Lewis

In a culture obsessed with productivity and materialism, how can we choose to live with gratitude in the moment?

One tool I've found that helps me is the practice of yoga. I know how this sounds. But seriously. It's not because my body is painfully twisted into ungodly positions. It's not the crazy names for said positions. It's not even the really awesome transient music filling the aura-licious room. The real magic is found in the goal of focusing on the moment. Listening to my breath, my body, my mind, and even to the whispered curse words as the instructor cheerfully commands another outrageous pose.

It is so challenging to be still. It seems absurd to take the long way nowadays. Efficiency is the constant goal. But what's the rush? These...are the days....of our lives, all my children, so don't be so young and restless or you might end up in the E.R. Eh?

Whatever our avenues, perhaps we could all take time to breathe today. We could attempt to slow down, even if just for five minutes, to reflect on the present and the past, to dwell in gratitude, to contemplate self-purpose, to just be ourselves. It is a small discipline that, to me at least, can make a huge difference. Let me know what you think.

so much love

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